The Liftsal Guardians series is getting a makeover!

The Liftsal Guardians series is getting a makeover. It will be in the process of changing over the next few days and I wanted to write a post to let everyone know! The first book, In Ice We Burn, is now titled The Liftsal Guardians. The second book, In Darkness We Hunt, is now titled The Brakys' Lair. The two books also have new covers, which I hope you love as much as I do! The stories themselves have not changed at all.

It was a difficult decision to change the book titles and covers, but after completing book 2, I realised the series was going in a slightly different direction than I originally anticipated. I hope this doesn't cause too much confusion, but I am so excited about where the series is going and the journey Sloane and Rhyn are embarking on!

I'm currently working on the third book and it's looking more thrilling and action-packed than ever. I think the new titles and covers better reflect that and I hope you like the new look!